10 Things You Do That Your Dog Hates

Dogs possess individuality in the matter of what they like and what they do not. Few habits and activities of owners put them to discomfort and irritate them.

There are times when your dog forages in the bin or chews on a new pair of slippers, usually we end up giving them a mouthful. The actual reason for this behaviour can be figured out if we pay close attention on what makes them do this.

Do they require more stretching? Are they seeking love and some more time with you?

There’s a higher probability that our actions make them act improperly. We are responsible for such demeanor.

To co-exist peacefully and playfully with the pups, a certain amount of introspection is necessary.

That’s the only way we can recognize and rectify our mistakes.

The following 10 things irks our companion. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Yоu Givе Tоо Mаnу Hugs

Actions that are perceived as affection differ species to species. We hug the people we love, dogs feel it as a gesture of dominance. Make yourself aware of their reaction to hugs. It might vex them. You may hug your dog but it wouldn’t be welcomed warmly.

2. Pulling thе leash

Dogs need to be trained on how to be comfortable walking on a leash. Leash provides safety to you, your dog and people around. You can refrain from going too harsh on your dog with a leash, once he is comfortable. To get the dog used to leash, make him walk at different paces and change direction constantly. Leash can be kept comfortably loose, once they are aware of the surroundings. Altering speed and direction make them concentrate on your instructions and they are alert.

You and your dog can have a stroll in your garden or locality happily. It can be an emotional bonding session for you two in your leisure time.

3. Leaving thеm аlоnе tоо lоng

Dogs are social animals and great companions. They always live with the pack. For a dog who is loved and nurtured by you and your family, you people become his tribe. Do you know dogs can suffer from mental disorders as well? If left unattended for extended periods of time they can suffer from separation anxiety. They might fall prey to behavioural and psychological disorders.

If you are a dog mom or a dog dad,pay attention to their behaviour closely. They exhibit aggressiveness by chewing and digging. You can be a working professional but make sure you never make them feel deprived of love, affection and attention. Take them out on weekends. This activity can be therapeutic to you as well, making you release tension from a stressful workweek.

4. Communicating Solely Thrоugh Words

Dogs don’t understand human language much. But body language can be used as a medium of communication. They might react to a few of your lingo but they don’t get the test of it. It’s important that your body language reflects what you say. The coordination plays a big role.

If you ask your dog to do one thing but he does another it may irk you. Try to maintain your calm. The innocent being is at no fault. Pay attention to your actions and make required changes to it. Appears difficult but in no time you can master it. Once you crack the code, you have a blissful life.

5. Thе Baby Treatment

Dog is an individual being. Nothing similar to that of a human. Dogs are born with a desire to explore life on their own. They learn to walk, sniff around.

They require exercise to develop their muscles and bones. Agility and flexibility is ingrained in them. They are playful and joyous.

It would not be right on your part as an owner to treat them like human babies with fragility and care. Dogs enjoy freedom. Give them the air.

And, you have the most loveable mate by your side.

6. Teasing

We feel the urge to constantly touch them and tease them. The cute, furry ball is irresistible to keep hands off them. Intentionally trying to irritate them to make them react to you or pulling tails,pinching them, kicking them. You are doing nothing but making them prone to anger disorders.

They become aggressive. You need to splurge money for their treatment. It’s better you treat them with care and dignity.

 7. Tоо Muсh Bathing

Dogs require baths at some intervals otherwise they reek. The foul odor can annoy you. It’s important to care for dog hygiene.

For a great bathing experience of your dog make sure to use dog-specific products. You can’t let them bathe regularly because they ain’t humans but a regular interval is appreciated.

The temperature of the water matters to them. You as their owner have to make an effort to find the best suit. Some like it hot, some like it normal. What does your dog prefer?

8. Yell

Dogs react positively to love and compassion. They read body language. Yelling appears as an aggressive behaviour. They might not listen to you but sense danger and hurt you. As caretaker of dog you need to handle them with love, care, compassion and reflect positive emotions.

9. Nоt Hаvе a Routine

Some of us human beings might not like a routine lifestyle or find it difficult to stick to it. But your mate likes it that way. It’s important to make a schedule for them and stick to it. Their meal time, stroll time needs to be executed in accordance with the plan. They are always jolly if provided with a routine lifestyle. It eases their anxiety.

10. Allowing Strangers Tо Touch Thеm

Dogs feel intimidated around strangers. They might not be welcomed. It’s important to take care of the dog’s comfort. Try not to interrupt them if they don’t react to your friend’s touch positively. Give them their space. They will take time but will befriend strangers if they feel safe and secured.

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